Our team comprises of architects, developers and programmers to understand your needs in order to develop software solutions that comply with your business processes and logic.

We take into account open source software or customized in-house developed software. If the need is unique and fresh, we go on creating software from a scratch to offer you the best.

We use most robust, yet popular and tested, technologies for delivering stable and productive software solutions adaptable to multiple operating systems and environments, including support for multi-location, multi-user, multi-access levels and distributed processing systems.



Customized software solutions comprise of an array of software development activities:

  • Development of custom Internet applications/solutions
  • Development of databases, software to support your business processes
  • Porting, re-engineering of legacy software to support your business processes
  • Maintenance, support of customer’s software
  • Integration of third party components/applications, and reverse engineering
  • Customization, integration of open-source solutions