GTS offers a complete and integrated solution for managing, serving, and consuming image data.

GTS helps you take control of big data so it can be analysed and visualized from a geographic perspective.

GTS is designed to support your organization’s specific security requirements and gives you flexibility and control over how your GIS platform is deployed, maintained, secured, and used.



  • Accessing and Storing GIS Imagery

    • Raster data structures and storage models
    • Comparing raster data storage models
    • Raster data storage in the geodatabase
    • Compression, pyramids, and tile size
  • Managing and Using GIS Imagery
  • Moderate-Resolution Satellite Imagery
About GTS
GIS Trans Solutions is a leading GIS company offering Geo- Spatial Services to Clients across the globe. Services offered by us are effectively useful for Utilities, Real estate, Disaster Management, E-governance, Land Management and over many other business verticals. We at GTS understand the quality and delivery requirements of our valued customers worldwide. Our strength lies in our vast international experience and understanding of domain specific requirements.
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