Efficient government is all about information optimization. Few of the major challenges faced by government are enumerated below:

  • Data security
  • Improving the quality of citizen services.
  • Public safety.
  • Sharing information across agencies & departments.
  • Optimizing common function.
  • Improving government preparedness.


We utilize our experience in large scale e-governance projects and bring value to our customers with our domain experience and blend of management and technical expertise. Our solutions help governments and public sector enterprises mange multiple levels of processing, file multiplication, and documents to arrive at processes that are quick, transparent and accountable.

  • E-Administration – the use of ICTs to modernize the state, the creation of data repositories for MIS, computerization of records.
  • E-Services – with an emphasis to bring the state closer to the citizens. Examples include provision of online services.
  • E-Governance – the use of IT to improve the ability of government to address the needs of society. It includes the publishing of policy and program related information to transact with citizens. It extends beyond provision of on-line services and covers the use of IT for strategic planning and reaching development goals of the government.
  • E-Democracy – the use of IT to facilitate the ability of all sections of society to participate in the governance of the state. The remit is much broader with a stated emphasis on transparency, accountability and participation. Examples include online disclosure policies, online grievance redress forums and e-referendums.
  • Change Management & Training – is a necessary component of all change efforts, especially in large scale nation or state-wide computerization projects. This helps bridge the gap between the current competencies of and the required competencies resulting from the change in processes in all of the stakeholder’s job functions. Both technical and non-technical training are provided to ensure that all areas are covered.
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