We have over 150 plus man years of experience, ranging from all possible areas, thus it keeps our momentum headstrong. Our founding and operations team form collective experience to serve an extensive array of industries with a focus on high growth rate. Along with premium-level consulting and solutions integration the team members bring into play advanced technology to deliver valuable location-based intelligence to a gamut of clients – a process that helps them to foresee and store away maximum information to identify their opportunities and unlock potential.

Collectively, the team conjures up in-depth experience for GIS mapping, GIS utility and GIS survey projects with ArcGIS, AutoCAD, MapInfo and Erdas software for developing GIS databases as well as editing tools and snapping tolerances for driving revenue and streamline operations and customarily engaged into customer needs’ management, info-architecting/consulting, client liaison and creative design support, creativity (Graphic Ux/UI designer) with a solid backgrounds in web/multimedia.